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What would you like to save for?

Our friends at Apt Wealth have launched BeApt, a primarily digital financial planning tool, created with a younger audience in mind. Designed to help young Australians balance today's priorities and tomorrow's goals, clients receive:

  • A health check from a financial planner

  • Access to the BeApt App, which allows clients to track their finances all in one place, 24,7

  • An annual check-up with a financial planner to keep their finances on track

Prelis Insurance OFFER

Do you know someone aged 25-45 who would benefit from getting their finances on track?

APT Wealth would like to offer them two months free access to BeApt. Refer a friend or family member by 31st December, and they'll not only receive the expert advice and tools for a health financial future, they'll also receive two months free with no lock-in contract.*

To find out more, please visit

*Offer only available to new BeApt clients who subscribe to the BeApt platform by 31st December 2018. Not valid with other offers.

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