As the wildfires in California continue to rage, inflicting more damage everyday, experts in Australia are gearing up in earnest for the upcoming bushfire season this summer.

Experts have pointed out time and again that despite bushfires, floods and cyclones being an annual feature of life in Australia, many people are not financially protected. There is also widespread confusion between the insurance value of a property and the real estate value as the replacement cost of a building can be far greater than the sale price. Properties in bushfire or flood zones, might also be subject to more stringent building standards on rebuilding.

Andrew Morse, Director and Building Consultant at Morse Building Consultancy says, “If there’s one thing I have learned from my years in the building and insurance industries, it’s that Mother Nature is unpredictable. Fires, floods, storms, cyclones all have the potential to wreak havoc on properties and the sheer number of claims flowing into insurers, brokers and adjusters can be overwhelming.”

“As we all know, all insurance claims must be ‘reported’ to be appropriately and correctly investigated and resolved. The timing of this most important step in the claim administration process is crucial as it is well established that the more quickly claims are reported, the more likely it is that all relevant evidence can be secured, and the more efficiently the claim will be resolved. And, often, doing so leads to lower claim costs. For this reason, Morse Building Consultancy’s disaster response target is to mobilise within 36 hours of engagement and the imminent danger of the event passing.”

Beyond the importance of timely reporting, the other critical aspect of independent reporting is the thoroughness and accuracy of what are the basics of ‘what, where, when, how and who (even in the case of Mother Nature).’ This aids in the reduction of additional loss or damage caused by delays in a catastrophic event situation.

The need, specifically, for expert advice, in-depth reporting and experienced disaster response services shouldn’t be underestimated. Morse says, “We have the ability to help expedite claims, reduce internal workloads, and provide transparency in dealing with insureds. Working with an independent building consultant or engineer ensures reporting without any predetermined outcomes as well as detailed scopes of works.”

Morse Building Consultancy provides unbiased, independent, qualified and experienced building consultants and registered engineers to assist in a CAT event. He says, “We have recently expanded our service area to include more areas in Queensland and New South Wales, while adding the Northern Territory and Tasmania to better serve our clients. Learn more about our Disaster Response services at”

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