How you can stay safe during the festive season

Christmas is an exciting time of year full of food, friends and family. However, it's also a time of year when we see an increase in house fires caused by electrical faults from Christmas decorations, and a peak in online scams.

Understand how you can prevent damage to your property by installing your Christmas lights and decorations correctly. Learn everything you need to know about online scams and how you can protect your new gadgets and jewellery with portable insurance cover.

10 tips on installing Christmas lights safely

Part of the Christmas fun is decorating the house with decorations. Follow these simple tips to make sure you are installing your Christmas lights safely and not causing damage to your property.

Don't be a Griswold this Christmas

The festive season is a high-risk period for house fires caused by electrical faults. Avoid the damage caused by faulty Christmas lights and decorations by following these steps to make sure your decorations are set up correctly.

Portable insurance cover for your Christmas presents

With new gadgets and jewellery given over Christmas, make sure you understand portable insurance cover and how it can protect your Christmas gifts

Seven common Christmas scams to avoid

With more people jumping online over summer to purchase gifts, make sure you’re aware of the types of scams to avoid during the Christmas period.

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