The importance of liability insurance.

Did you know there are many instances where you may find yourself legally liable for accidents and incidents that take place on your property?

If an accident or death happens on your property or in the course of your business, you may find yourself legally liable. Even if these incidences are an accident and not a result of your negligence, it’s important to know what you can be held responsible for.

Learn everything you need to know about personal and public liability insurance. We also discuss worker’s compensation and what to do if you get injured at work. Last but not least, we cover various situations showing the importance of liability insurance and the possible implications in an event of an accident. Enjoy the articles and your new-found knowledge on liability insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Understanding this common type of insurance people and businesses take out to protect against a liability they may face.

Personal Liability Insurance Explore situations where home owners may find themselves legally liable and find out how liability insurance can assist you.

4 distractions that turn you into a deadly driver

The four biggest distractions of driver distraction in your car.

Worker's Compensation Gain a better understanding of Workers Compensation and the WorkCover Schemes in each state and territory.


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