Don't be an April fool — learn the basics of insurance.

Don't fail yourself this Autumn by not knowing the best insurance policy for you or your business.

It can be easier said than done when you consider all of the knowledge — of the different options, plans, policies and unknown terms — required to protect yourself.

But insurance plays a central role in your financial wellbeing, so it’s important to have an understanding of what you need and why.

This month, we've pulled together some of our best articles to explain the basics so you're all set to protect yourself in the future. ​

The history of insurance

From the early traders of Babylon to the Industrial Revolution as we know it today, the history of insurance is an exciting story

Insurance 101

Understand common insurance-related language and concepts that will help you make informed choices.

Insurance Acronyms

Let's break down insurance representative bodies ICA, NIBA, and ANZIIF from who they are to what they do.

Obligations and Regulations

Insurance is an industry highly regulated by specific laws designed for you and the insurer. Learn the facts that keep you safe.


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