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Insurance brokers: your best friend at claims time

If you have ever had to try making an insurance claim, you’ll know it can be a complex

and often frustrating process, full of forms and supplementary documents, sitting on hold on the phone for ages while claims staff fact-check with someone who seems constantly unavailable

It can feel like the sands of time are ticking away when you have better things to do in your busy day, like run your business, or focus on recovering from whatever event has befallen you and caused you to claim on your insurance in the first place.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

When you purchase your insurance through a broker, they don’t simply take your money and leave you to it. Brokers work with you for the long term.

"A broker understands the claims process, making it faster, more efficient and a darn sight less stressful for you."

Not only can they advise you if and when you need to update or change your insurance policy, but they also help you through the challenging times as well - like when you need to make a claim.

Regardless of what sort of insurance policy you have with a broker, whether personal, home, business or even pet insurance, your broker can be the conduit between you and the insurance company to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to when making a claim.

The insurance broker acts as the main contact between you and the insurer, but insurers have existing relationships with brokers too - they speak the same language.

A broker understands the complexities of your policy fine print and is familiar with the claims process, making it faster, more efficient and a darn sight less stressful for you in a difficult time.

Brokers can handle any correspondence between you and the insurer, so you can focus on getting back on your feet. Handy. Especially where you may need to put all your energy into rebuilding something big like your business or home!

Given their intricate knowledge of insurance, your broker will work on your behalf to ensure you get the maximum benefit you are entitled to. They have more experience than the average insurance company claims representative, which can only work to your benefit.

And when you are happily compensated for whatever damage you may have suffered, your broker will ensure you have the correct cover going forward and will be only too happy to advise you of ways to minimise your losses in the future.

If you'd like to know more about a broker's role in the claims process, you can watch a simple, animated explainer video here.​

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